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The Art of Receiving

This powerful channel from Zachary was recorded at Lee's seminar on Receiving, held in Berlin, Germany.
An introductory talk from Lee on Receiving begins the recording, discussing some of the difficulties we can have with opening to receive. Once prepared by this introduction, the channel from Zachary then takes you on a journey of opening your heart, mind and energy to receive more from your life and those around you.
The power of the ideas and energies presented in the channel is underlined throughout with humour and simplicity, and you are also encouraged to visualise and make new choices for yourself as you listen. This is a journey of reconfiguring your emotional, energetic and mental ability to receive more in your life.
Sit back, relax, listen, absorb, enjoy and receive.
Running time: 57 minutes
Cover Image by Dana Weekley (www.ninetomatoes.com)